Ghana Baako


The cry of every Ghanaian both in Ghana and diaspora has always been that ” why are we not developed as the western world given our abundant natural resources “? The answer to this question is not as easy as we think.
There are several reasons for this state of affairs. Some of these reasons are economic, political and social in nature. To HELP in the developmental efforts of our leaders, GHANA BAAKO has been formed with the following four main objectives,
1: To mobilise all Ghanaians in the diaspora especially, those in the UK and the rest of the western world to make available their acquired skills, knowledge and talents whilst abroad to help in-the development of our home country Ghana. ( OUR ONE GHANA ).


2: To provide an avenue for all Ghanaians in diaspora to come together to pursue a common goal of helping alleviate the cycle of poverty, social and economic deprivation in our communities in Ghana. ( OUR ONE GHANA ).


3: To help educate the youth in Ghana who are desperate to travel to Europe for greener pastures of the DANGERS and to help them seek opportunities back home through entrepreneurial mentoring and coaching.


4: To help promote and encourage active civic participation by the youth in the governance of our home country Ghana. ( OUR ONE GHANA )


Ghana Baako believe in God that GHANA CAN DO BETTER.